Is Wagner Group registered in Argentina?

Prigozhin Wager Argentina

March 30th, 2016 – The Telegraph

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Could russian Wagner Group be registered as far from Moscow as Argentina? The existence of Wagner Group is not a mystery to anynone anymore. But it still remains obscure due to one factor. Private military Companies are illegal in Russia. Mercenaries can therefore not be recognized and endorsed by the Russian state.

That is precisely what the Kremlin is aiming for, as it gives him the perfect argument to deny any involvment with the infamous group. However, it means that Wagner Group must be registered somewhere to have some legal
and administrative basis. While a Vice article mistakenly announced that the Wagner Group is Hong Kong based, an article from The Telegraph based on primary sources suggests that it is in fact registered in Argentina.

This legal trick is a way to blur all tracks around the shadowy company and its leaders. It also serves to preserve the fallacious narrative of a company that has nothing to do with Moscow.

This doesn’t mean that Wagner Group is not linked with Russia, as their military training site is reportedely the GRU training site of Molkino in the Caucasus. Mercenaries from this PMC also use Russian equipement and benefit from the Russian army logistical capabilities.

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