Guess who killed 70 civilians in total impunity this week in Central African Republic ?

Wagner PMC ChVk neo-nazi mercenaries

Would you like to know who killed 70 civilians in total impunity this week in Central African Republic ?

Let’s break right now the mystery. Mercenaries have been identified while opening fire on civilians in Central African Republic. They scored 70 killed. Just like that. Just like on training camp. They shot everything. In this case, it was everybody.

The massacre happened in 2022 and was executed by the unofficial armed forces of Putin. Yes, Wagner Private Military Company, made a new exaction with the help of the local junta.

The Russians murderers ran after the civilians, killing dozens of them. The villagers of the Yanga community didn’t had a chance. It appears the the National Army, called FACA, took part of the exaction. They slaughtered everybody, with the local government agreement.

The United Nation confirmed the massacre and is actually investigating.

In 2018, the WAGNER PMC killed three Russian journalists that were asking the wrong question, at the wrong time, at the wrong place…

Atrocities are running high in CAR, and nobody cares. The Daily Beast has been told that the Russians have locked all the medias. Aïgbado and Yanga are completely blocked by the mercenaries and people live in terror.
And this, with the authorization of the junta, which refuse free election.

Yes, there is still some gold in CAR, and money and resources. Enough to feed the mercenaries with a 10.000.0000$ bill monthly.

The original article, from The Daily Beast, is here :

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